PPlaces to eat

Milky Way

2120 Murray Ave


Dairy (Chalav Yisroel) restaurant, certified by the Vaad HaKashrus of Pittsburgh

Murray Avenue Kosher

1916 Murray Ave


Complete kosher supermarket and prepared deli foods.

Giant Eagle Supermarket

1901 Murray Ave


In-store kosher bakery (pareve) and sells many other kosher foods throughout the store.

CCommunity Shabbos Eruv

Squirrel Hill is surrounded by an Eruv, enabling one to carry items outdoors on Shabbos. Click here for more information

OOrthodox Minyan

Lubavitch Center has daily minyonim on Shabbos and weekdays, Please contact us for specific times.

Additionally there are minyanim available in shuls below. Please reach out for more details.

Bnei Emunah Chabad 412-521-1477
Congregation Paole Zedeck 412-421-9786
Kollel Jewish Learning Center 412-420-0220
Shaare Torah Congregation 412-421-8855
Young Israel 412-421-0508

PPlaces to stay

During the week, there are a number of hotels within 2 miles of the Jewish community in Squirrel Hill.

Unfortunately, all of those are a good distance from the Shuls. Alternatively, you may contact us to arrange for home hospitality.

KKosher Mikvah

Pittsburgh has a mikvah for women – call 412-422-7110 for appointments.
There is a mikvah for men adjacent to Lubavitch Center, contact us for more information.