Note: The details of each program are subject to change as we adjust based on the children’s needs.

Mommy and Me

(Mothers with children ages 0-2)

The Mommy and Me room is filled with toys for tots and special treats for moms (coffee!). Each week, a rotation of moms will lead
babies and toddlers in davening and Shabbos songs. Once a month, LCJM hopes to
host a special program just for moms. Stay tuned for details!

Mini Minyan

(Children ages 3-5)

Mini Minyan is aimed at our preschool-aged children, where young daveners are welcomed for circle time, stories, games, snacks, and lots of free play fun. The room is stocked with preschool-sized chairs and tables and a wealth of age-appropriate toys and games that will keep our little shul-goers busy and occupied.

Kinder Minyan

(Children grades K-2)

Separate groups for boys and girls

Kinder Minyan children begin their own davening adventure as they learn the special Tefillos of Shabbos, and daven from real siddurim. Parshah time is exciting with interactive lessons and games, and best of all, Kinder Minyan children begin earning tokens as part of LCJM’s awesome incentive program! Children mostly stay in their classrooms and join the main Minyan for special times like Pesichas HaAron and Kesser. A weekly prize raffle keeps children coming back for more.

Junior Minyan

(Children grades 3-4)

Separate groups for boys and girls

In Junior Minyan, girls and boys begin integrating into the main Minyan. From 10:00 am until Psichas Haaron, children daven in shul, either seated near their parents or in the designated Junior Minyan areas. Counselors will be joining them in shul, encouraging davening with Kavanah, and distributing tokens for excellent behavior. During Kriah, children transition to their classrooms, where they discuss the Parshah, sing niggunim, and learn about special parts of Shabbos Tefillah. Tokens are earned towards a prize store and other surprises, and a weekly raffle with prizes is held.

Banim/Bnos Minyan

(Children grades 5-6)

Separate groups for boys and girls

Our young mispallelim extend their main Minyan stay as they stay in shul through Kriah. Following along and davening each word inside, children learn the importance of davening with a Minyan. In addition, they become familiar with the behaviors of a shul and learn to navigate their way through the siddurim and chumashim. Counselors keep the children busy as they concentrate on davening and earn tokens between Aliyos. Our boys will earn special Kibbudim including davening Chazzan until Shochen Ad, wrapping Gelilah, and earning the title of Junior Rabbi with a special seat of honor. Around Haftorah time, children will transition to their classroom for a special program, before returning to the main shul for Kesser.


Lubavitch Center’s Junior Minyan program caters to children ages 0-12 and meets each Shabbos and Yom Tov morning in shul. Children attending shul with their parents are encouraged to attend the Junior Minyan program targeted for their age group, led by a rotating roster of counselors. Our goal is to provide a high-quality Shul experience for your children in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Each week, children will spend time davening, discussing the Parshah, singing niggunim, playing games, learning new parts of Tefillah, and reviewing the relevant Chassidishe Yamim Tovim on the calendar. Our youngest children will enjoy a play-based program in their classrooms, while our older children will gradually be integrated into the main Minyan, gaining comfort and familiarity in the extended Shabbos and Yom Tov davening.


All programs run from 10:00 am – 12:45 pm. Every program is staffed with counselors (except for the Mommy and Me program) and is “stay and play” where children can be dropped off. Parents are asked to bring their children to their program’s room. Children will not be allowed to wander the hallways and must either be in a program or with a parent at all times. One responsible adult must be in shul for the duration of the time that your children are in the program. Kiddush and children’s snacks will be provided.


A lot of time, money, and resources have been invested into creating this exciting program for our community. Sponsorships are welcome to help offset costs and will directly enhance and improve LCJM’s programming in the year ahead! Please designate a donation for Junior Minyan.


Sponsor a special Junior Minyan Kiddush in honor of a child’s birthday or other simcha! Families are welcome to arrange a special treat or snack to enhance our children’s Kiddush.

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Children in our Kinder Minyan and older groups will earn tokens that can be used at LCJM’s prize store and will include them in a weekly Shabbos raffle. Tokens will also help children work towards a pre-set reward goal that will make them eligible for a reward trip or special event.